Ramping up our piggie pad experience

Hi, it’s another guest post — I’m Patita, and I’m Boquita!

Today we wanted to share how we’re doing in OhioFirst though, we want to say that we miss our human, Jesús, a lot. We’re glad his trip went well and he’s safely in Peru! Definitely — many wheeks to that! Anyway, we’ve had some excitement here in Ohio — our new piggie pad has a ramp!!! It’s also the same type of piggie pad that H&M review here.

Boquita hiding under ramp

Boquita’s hiding under the ramp.

I’ll have all the piggies know that I, Boquita-the-adventurous-wanderer-piggie-of-extraordinary — they get the pig-ture, Boquita! Ok, fair enough, I just wanted to say that — I figured out the ramp first!  It’s true… I, Patita-the-sweet-and-loveable, was just happy to stay upstairs with the food and water and tunnel, what can I say?

Patita and Boquita's new piggie pad in Ohio

Patita and Boquita’s new piggie pad in Ohio

Well, Patita, there’s another water bottle downstairs… That you would know about if you came and joined me… Right. I’m perfectly capable of going up and down the ramp now! It just took a moment. Also, I’m feeling a little sneezy so I’m not exactly in tip-top shape. That’s why our grandhumans are taking you to the vet laterOh, it’s not just me they’re taking Boquita, you’re coming along for the ride, too! Oh… Well, I’m happy to keep you companyAwwww, thanks Boquita!

Patita and Boquita contemplate the ramp

Patita and Boquita contemplate the ramp

In keeping with our sisterly togetherness — here we are at the top of the ramp. I love running upppppp and dowwwnnnnn it!

We hope you have ramps to zoom up and down. And sisters who will go to the vet with you when you feel sneezy!

Squeak you soon,

Patita and Boquita

PS – Thanks H&M! We love guest posting!

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