The great piggie handoff

Hi there! It’s Patita here, and Boquita!

H&M let us guest post today because we’re in the midst of a great travel adventureThat’s right, Patita, today we’re driving from North Carolina to Ohio!  It would be quite a long drive for our human, Jesús, by himself, so our grandhumans decided to meet him half way.

Patita’s on the left, Boquita’s on the right

So at this very moment we’re in a West Virginia hotel getting to stretch our legs and run around in a portable piggie pad while Jesús and our grandhumans go out for lunch. We’re glad we get a break from the vroom mobile (or car) part of the trip!  It’s funny because last time we made this trip we were small enough to fit in one Plush Travel Vessel (or animal carrier cage). Yes, we’ve grown… Mostly me!  True statement, Boquita, true statement…

Boquita is demonstrating why she grew so much — lots of eating!

But I’m not the only piggie who’s put on the grams. I’ll put up a picture of you, Patita, eating, too!  Ah, yes, thank you, Boquita. I’m a little shyer about showing myself when I eat, but I do enjoy a good green pepper when the occasion arises!

Patita eating

Patita is eating some green pepper, too

Well, I hope our grandhumans and our human, Jesús, take their time… Right Patita, from what I overheard we’ve got about four and a half hours left on the road! These long trips sure are intense. Can’t wait to see H&M though!!!

We wish you all safe travels if you’re going some place this summer — and we hope you get to visit your awesome piggie relatives!

Squeaks — and wheeks — for now,

Patita and Boquita

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