H&M wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

Hi everyone — I’m H and I’m M!

We hope all you guinea pigs, and humans, are having a lovely Christmas! Ours is going well, right H? Oh, yes, M — we got a lovely Christmas salad this morning. We were also serenaded! (Sound is in the bottom righthand corner when you roll your cursor over the image)…

We realize we’ve been m-i-piggie for a while. Yes, H, we were with our grandhumans all Spring while Teresa was in France. And then we went back to grad school with Teresa this fall after a very travel-filled summer. It was a very busy semester for our humans… But I’m glad they’re making progress on their PhDs. Whatever those are… #wheek!

As you can see, we’ve been well loved and cared forEven if we haven’t posted much! 

Wishing you all many salads and a #wheek and #popcorn filled new year!



Ramping up our piggie pad experience

Hi, it’s another guest post — I’m Patita, and I’m Boquita!

Today we wanted to share how we’re doing in OhioFirst though, we want to say that we miss our human, Jesús, a lot. We’re glad his trip went well and he’s safely in Peru! Definitely — many wheeks to that! Anyway, we’ve had some excitement here in Ohio — our new piggie pad has a ramp!!! It’s also the same type of piggie pad that H&M review here.

Boquita hiding under ramp

Boquita’s hiding under the ramp.

I’ll have all the piggies know that I, Boquita-the-adventurous-wanderer-piggie-of-extraordinary — they get the pig-ture, Boquita! Ok, fair enough, I just wanted to say that — I figured out the ramp first!  It’s true… I, Patita-the-sweet-and-loveable, was just happy to stay upstairs with the food and water and tunnel, what can I say?

Patita and Boquita's new piggie pad in Ohio

Patita and Boquita’s new piggie pad in Ohio

Well, Patita, there’s another water bottle downstairs… That you would know about if you came and joined me… Right. I’m perfectly capable of going up and down the ramp now! It just took a moment. Also, I’m feeling a little sneezy so I’m not exactly in tip-top shape. That’s why our grandhumans are taking you to the vet laterOh, it’s not just me they’re taking Boquita, you’re coming along for the ride, too! Oh… Well, I’m happy to keep you companyAwwww, thanks Boquita!

Patita and Boquita contemplate the ramp

Patita and Boquita contemplate the ramp

In keeping with our sisterly togetherness — here we are at the top of the ramp. I love running upppppp and dowwwnnnnn it!

We hope you have ramps to zoom up and down. And sisters who will go to the vet with you when you feel sneezy!

Squeak you soon,

Patita and Boquita

PS – Thanks H&M! We love guest posting!


The great piggie handoff

Hi there! It’s Patita here, and Boquita!

H&M let us guest post today because we’re in the midst of a great travel adventureThat’s right, Patita, today we’re driving from North Carolina to Ohio!  It would be quite a long drive for our human, Jesús, by himself, so our grandhumans decided to meet him half way.

Patita’s on the left, Boquita’s on the right

So at this very moment we’re in a West Virginia hotel getting to stretch our legs and run around in a portable piggie pad while Jesús and our grandhumans go out for lunch. We’re glad we get a break from the vroom mobile (or car) part of the trip!  It’s funny because last time we made this trip we were small enough to fit in one Plush Travel Vessel (or animal carrier cage). Yes, we’ve grown… Mostly me!  True statement, Boquita, true statement…

Boquita is demonstrating why she grew so much — lots of eating!

But I’m not the only piggie who’s put on the grams. I’ll put up a picture of you, Patita, eating, too!  Ah, yes, thank you, Boquita. I’m a little shyer about showing myself when I eat, but I do enjoy a good green pepper when the occasion arises!

Patita eating

Patita is eating some green pepper, too

Well, I hope our grandhumans and our human, Jesús, take their time… Right Patita, from what I overheard we’ve got about four and a half hours left on the road! These long trips sure are intense. Can’t wait to see H&M though!!!

We wish you all safe travels if you’re going some place this summer — and we hope you get to visit your awesome piggie relatives!

Squeaks — and wheeks — for now,

Patita and Boquita


our grandhumans are back from vacation!

Hi everyone — I’m H and I’m M!

We’re quite thrilled because our grandhumans are back from their trip to visit our human, Teresa.  She’s in France this semester doing research… We piggies know better, right M?  We do our critical squeaking right from our pigloos!  No need to travel further than that, that’s right, H!  Thankfully, we weren’t left alone or any such thing. Knock on piggie pad chloroplast none of our piggie readers have ever known a piggie who suffered such a sad fate.  Our fate was actually quite pleasant — we had a live-in sitter those weeks.  He was very good to us and we never went hungry.  To look at you, M, I’d even say you put on a few grams!!!  Well, I do declare, H, you’re looking heavier, too… Harrumph.

H&M 2

H is checking out Dan, the live-in human, during our grandhuman’s trip.

No matter, M, no matter… It’s just good to be well-fed.  I love eating kale and endive and Timothy hay and — M, I think we get the picture. I’ll wheek to that H!

H&M 1

Dan really did treat us well!

It’s also nice to hear the stories that our grandhumans brought back about their many adventures. Apparently our human, Teresa, misses us a lot!  Also, M, did you hear?  Hear what, H?  That next week we’ll have Patita and Boquita here with us!  Our human, Jesús, is going to Peru after the semester ends for summer break!  That’ll be such fun!  Squeaking of fun, here’s a pig-ture of our grandhumans in front of the Louvre in Paris.  They definitely look like they had a blast!

H&M 3

our grandhumans in front of the Louvre in Paris

I think we’ll have a blast with Patita and Boquita!!!!  Definitely!!!  Three wheeks to that!  We hope all you other piggies have sisters or friends come to visit you, too!

May your Timothy hay and kale always be plentiful,



reviewing our piggie pad: a solid 5/5 squeaks

Hey everyone — H here, and M, too!

Today we want to discuss our piggie pad (or cage for all the humans reading this with their guinea pigs). Quite right, H, we are feeling quite pleased because we got a new addition — a ramp and a loft!  This means we can now run up and down the ramp to the loftHere I go, H!  First uuuuuuppppppp and now dowwwwwnnnnn.  Wheek!  M and I agree that it’s really a lot of fun and we want to thank our grand humans for the addition. Yes, it was a very neat present over Winter Break!!

H and M in loft eating endive

Here we are eating endive in our loft

We’re sure you’re curious to see what it looks like — yeah — here’s a view of it!  You might see how it’s all covered.  We have a covered pigloo because of our feline friend, Charlotte, who lives with our grand humans.  We like Charlotte a lot — she watches us during the day sometimes.  Yeah, we’re her piggie-tainment!

Piggie Pad east side

This is our piggie pad!

We hope all you piggies have nice ramps to run up and down.  And that you get to eat lots of kale and endive — endive is definitely my new favorite!  True statement, M!  We give our piggie pad — and endive — a solid 5/5 squeaks 🙂

Have a wonderful nap in your pigloos today friends,



guest post from Patita and Boquita

Hi, we’re Patita and Boquita!

We’re H&M’s little sisters.  They said we could post today, so we’re really excited – wheek!  I’ve just been popcorning all morning thinking about it, Boquita!  So true Patita, so true 🙂  Our human, Jesús, took some neat pictures we want to share with you all.  Definitely — it’s fun to be the piggies of such a good photographer!

patita and boquita

Boquita’s located a bit above me

I’ve been told I look like a miniature brown bear. Oh my, Patita, you do in that picture. Wheek!  We also want to say “Squeak!” to H&M in Ohio — we miss you!!! We can’t wait to see you after the semester ends in May.  And, to top it off, we might even be as big as you guys are by then.  Hmmmm, Patita, I might be as big as M, but I don’t think you’ll be bigger… That’s ok — I’ll take being comparable in size to H any day. Ahem —

patita and boquita

Size is in the eye of the beholder

Well, even if I’m still the smallest, I’ll have the biggest heartNo doubts there!  Wishing all you piggies — small and large — a wonderful day filled with much hay, kale and popcorning Oh, and don’t forget sleeping in pigloos, Patita!  That, too!

Until the next guest post,

Patita and Boquita


far apart, but still within squeaking distance

Hey everyone — I’m H — and I’m M!

We were so excited about Patita and Boquita in our last post we forgot to describe our lives at the momentYeah, H, that’s right — some things never change though.  M, you hit the hidden carrot in the kale cake, yep — we still have lots of time for running around our piggie pad, sleeping in pigloos and eating food. What we forgot to mention is that our human, Teresa, is in France… Yeah, so that means that our other human, Jesús, is in NC watching our younger piggie sisters, Patita and Boquita, while Teresa’s parents, our grand-humans, watch us in Ohio!

Here we are in our grand-human’s lap

But it’s not all bad despite the distance, right M? Oh my H, yes, our grand-humans spoil us! #wheek Yes, they’re always telling Teresa about the new veggie snacks (that they’ve looked up online to make sure they’re ok) that they’re feeding us. Yum!!!  And Patita and Boquita aren’t suffering!  When Jesús is at home he takes pictures with our little piggie sisters to make sure Teresa knows they’re alive and well

Jesus and Patita

Jesús and Patita

We hope that however far apart you’re located from your piggie family or friends that you’re able to keep in touch. We like squeaking when our grand-humans are on Skype with Teresa!

curious Boquita

Boquita checks out the computer Jesús is using

May your wheeks travel far and wideperhaps even to another continent if you catch the right moment with your humans on Skype,



new routines and new family members!

Hey everyone – I’m H and I’m M!

You may have missed us these last months… We sure missed you!  It never ceases to amaze us how much time our humans, Jesús and Teresa, have spent on their degrees. But now they’re All But Dissertation, right H?  Yes, indeed, M! We’re very glad they can return most of their focus to the most important things in their lives — their piggies!  I’ll wheek to that, M!!!  But we’ve gotten distracted — we actually have lots of news to share!!  Are we going to tell our fellow piggies about Patita and Boquita, H??  Yes, M, you literally took the squeaks out of my mouth!

piggie family

from left to right – H, Boquita, M and Patita

So we’re so happy to have these two little ones join our piggie family! Boquita means “little mouth” in Spanish — but we both know H that she’s actually a big mouth… Be nice, M! She does squeak loudly and proudly, that’s for sure — she’s got quite the personality.  And Patita means “little paw” in Spanish — I think she looks like a tiny version of me, now that I think about it… M, you and Patita really do look similar! I overheard Jesús and Teresa say that when they were at the pet store picking out food in mid-November they saw Patita and couldn’t leave her because she looked so much like you, M. Well! That’s #wheeking awesome! Boquita has a personality a bit more like yours H… I think it’s fun to examine our family resemblances 🙂 

Jesús with piggies

Jesús with Boquita and Patita

It’s also fun to watch our little sisters grow. Yeah, just when we couldn’t have alfalfa hay they came along and got to go through what we just went through! Yep, being big sisters has led to a lot of popcorning.

Teresa with the whole piggie family!

Well, the pigloo is calling — nap time for me!  Maybe we are old now — because I feel my pigloo calling, too — race you to the nearest oneOh — I forfeit — I suddenly feel the urge to eat a lot of timothy hay… #wheek!

May your paths to your pigloos be strewn with much hay,



a new routine for a new semester

Hi everyone!  This is H — and I’m M!


We’re so cute. Jesús decided to get up close and personal with us with the camera.

As you’ve noticed we’ve been busy helping Teresa and Jesús with the start of their semesters so we haven’t posted much.  Yeah, they have another round of exams — soon they’ll be ABD (all but dissertation)!  It really should be ABFT — all but free time — but I’m not sure they’d feel better hearing me squeak that…  Ah well, H, at least they have us to distract them from their reading-filled, study-filled, writing-filled, school work-filled, teaching-filled existences.  It’s rough to be a human I imagine — oh yes, H, we’re much better off as piggies!!!  Squeak yeah, M!  Squeak yeah…


H is wearing Jesús’s glasses… So very “H”-tellecutal of her!

The routine we’re becoming accustomed to is hanging out with each other when Teresa and Jesús are at school.  Yeah, sometimes those days are kinda long, but they make sure to play with us when they get home.  We’ve gotten lots of kale and fruit/veggie salads lately.  That’s cool, yeah!  And then we get held and pet and they like hearing us squeak.  Yeah, they always ask how our day was.  I really like telling them about how I went tunneling and — H — don’t forget the playing in the green tunnel and napping in the pigloos!  Yes, M, we do that, too.  Then we get to run around a bit…  Mostly, I like it when Teresa holds me as she reads.  She calls us her “Squeaky babies”. WOL. (Wheek Out Loud).  We’re so close to being full grown!!!  We won’t be babies for too much longer!


We don’t think we look like babies!

Humans are funny with their evaluation of time…  I heard Jesús say they’ll stop giving us alfalfa hay soon though!  Yeah, M, apparently we don’t need the extra calcium and nutrients when we’re full grown.  Oh.  But I like it…  Yeah, me, too, M!  Ah well, I guess getting older isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Harumph.  We hope your humans give you all sorts of yummy food!  And if you’ve outgrown the alfalfa stage, we hope there are lots of other yummy things to eat!




piggie provenance

Hi everyone!  This is H here, and I’m M!


H is standing on the front porch of her pigloo. In the background is a Peruvian flag next to an American one.

You all may remember that a while back we posted about our 4th of July.  The post included lots of pig-tures of us posed by our American flags.  Well, we didn’t want our human, Jesús, to feel left out…  So when he brought a Peruvian flag for us from Peru we made our human, Teresa, hang it in our piggie pad (or cage)!  Yeah, you can see she also put up an American flag next to it, which is cool.  Yeah!  It represents how we’re half Peruvian and half American!  We just wanted to take a moment to celebrate our cool origins with all our pig-pals 🙂


H is celebrating her heritage by eating an array of bell pepper slices and fruit pieces.

We’ll definitely share our treat salad with you guys if you ever visit us!  Yeah, wherever you piggies are located, it’s cool to think about where we came from.  We hope your humans celebrate your provenance with you!  Our humans are really excited about how multi-cultural we are.  Wheek!  Alright, time for another photo session…


Here we are getting our photo taken. M is acting a little shyer on the right…

We hope you’re all doing well!  Our humans are busy with the beginning of the semester, so Teresa’s hogging the computer a lot… Don’t worry though — we’ll find times to update you all!  Hip hip hay-ray!

Happy popcorning,